Professional Pool Products

Smarter Solutions for Pool & Spa Professionals

Professional Pool Products

Smarter Solutions for Pool & Spa Professionals

About Us

Professional Pool Products is a leading manufacturer of pool and spa accessories. We offer the latest in LED lighting technology that provides the widest spectrum of colors as well as devices to monitor and control water levels. Industry professionals are always on the lookout for affordable and practical options while avoiding corporations that mass produce costly devices that do simple tasks.

With this in mind, we saw an opportunity to work with these industry professionals in search of middle-ground by designing and manufacturing simple and straightforward underwater LED lights. Fast-forward many years later, we now offer a wider product range comprising of a variety of LED light types, step-down transformer + controllers for the underwater LED line, as well as water level sensors.

We constantly consider the many issues that arise in the pool and spa industry seeking to improve and provide real-life solutions. In time, our product range will grow to offer more practical options and solutions to common site issues for the industry.

With us, quality assurance is always guaranteed. We promise to design and manufacture using only the best materials available and commit to high-standard practices. All our products are backed by a warranty and we offer an immediate replacement policy in case of any factory defects.

Fueled by the desire to improve our product range, we focus on providing innovative solutions to practical on-site matters. We want to make the lives of pool and spa professionals easier with straightforward options. Our aim is to always offer a practical alternative to unavailable or expensive products.

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